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It just occurred to me that someone could have a Tumblr of pictures of ceramic tumblers.  Ha!

Anyways, on to the real update: I started a tumbler (which you can find here: for my artsy fartsy work.  I know I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, but I try to post images of my work relatively often.  I started it mostly for new stuff I am working (which I will post about soon!) but in the mean time I’ve been posting images from my 100 self portrait series and some ceramic work.  I also just got back from an exceptionally wonderful visit to Carleton where I got to hang out with some of my biddies (Meagan, Shannon, Myla).  Unfortunately, I returned with a horrible sickness and I feel absolutely awful.  I’ve mostly been watching a lot of TV on the internet and drinking tea, but I swear I will use at least a tiny bit of this down time to post something.


In the last days of the term late at night in the depths of Boliou, I collaborated on a cup with Myla.  I threw and glazed the cup, Myla did the drawings.  Some of the majolica on the other cups crawled a little, but thankfully this one came out of the kiln perfectly.  I think one photo doesn’t really do the drawings justice, so I put a few together.

I also got a new computer recently, and the Windows photo gallery has the option to combine photos into a panorama.  I thought it would be funny to put photos of this cup in there and see what it came up with.  The result is definitely odd:

I don’t think I’ve ever posted about the image at the top of this blog.  It is a photo I found in the Carleton digital collections archive.  The building is Boliou Hall in November 1950.  I don’t know who the photographer is, because I think it’s an architectural record.  But I do know that Boliou was built in 1949 by Magney, Tusler, & Setter, and it is the place where I spent 90% of my waking hours while at Carleton.

This post is about neither paper nor clay.  Ha!

It’s about drawing and film.  For my Film Noir class (which was not as great as it might purport to be) we had to take noir photos around Northfield.  Other students in my class posed their friends and traipsed around town/campus looking for good places to shoot.  That sounds miserable to me.  I hate working with people, so I took the assignment to mean take photos around the town but of noir drawings.  So I drew on pavement, a hazardous waste barrel, an brick wall, a sewer grate, and an electrical box.  It was pretty fun.  I used a box of chalk that I found in the drawing studio and had a bunch of fun drawing on stuff around town.  Miraculously, I only got yelled at once.

And, yes, I know the captions are awful, but keep in mind this was a school project, and my very last Carleton project at that, so I was sort of phoning it in.

Yowza, yesterday was an awful and awfully long day of travel.  I went to the airport with Julia, John, and Drew at 7:30 even though my flight was at 3:00 pm.  We got to the airport 45 minutes before they anticipated (because we got to use the carpool lane and bypass the traffic) so I had so much time to kill at the airport.  Basically I got about two weeks worth of class reading done.  Anyways, here are some photos of us around the airport in the morning.

This was a game apparently called "Ninja"

If you wander the downstairs hall in Boliou, you will probably see Emogene Schilling’s clouds.

They were made for an assignment in our handbuilding class where we were to use a Chinese underglaze decal as part of a piece.  The decal Emogene chose was a cloud motif, which she put on many different ceramic clouds made from low fire white clay and glazed with a clear glaze to cone 05. She made approximately 12 clouds, six of which are hanging in Boliou, fired in two different batches.  The first batch came out really clearly, but the clouds in the second batch ran a little.  When Jhanna and I unloaded that kiln, we could not for the life of us figure out what was different in the second firing than the first.  Regardless, Emogene used this little mystery to her advantage, combining both kinds of clouds in her piece.  I think the contrast of the cloud decal-drawings with the runny decals that look more like real clouds on top of these hovering clay-clouds is really fun and quite successful.  Even though the runny decals would often be considered a mistake, she embraced this temperamental aspect of ceramics and I think the piece is more successful piece than it otherwise would have been.  I am excited to work with her in advanced ceramics this term, but she missed class today because she’s already in Philadelphia just waiting for NCECA!

Spring is a fun time in Boliou.  Over break the smocks in the ceramics studio were laundered.  They reappeared today and were shockingly immaculate.  My smock preference is the weird blue one, because it makes me feel like an alien catcher and provides me with full coverage when throwing, mixing clay, etc.  Here I model:

John also programmed his first solo bisque this afternoon!  Here he thinks hard and tries to figure out if he messed up:

Also, holy cow it’s almost time for NCECA!!  Kelly left today for the cities in preparation for an early flight tomorrow, and the rest of the gang takes off on Wednesday.  Thrilling!


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