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About a week ago in Critical Issues in Contemporary Art, the seminar for junior art majors (yes I know I am a senior), one of my all-time favorite people/professors Fred Hagstrom talked to us about his life, influences, and work.  The best part was definitely a photo of him when he was very young, but the second best thing was a comment he made about being in a funk.  Whenever he gets stuck, he says he just does his best to draw his way out.

That is a piece of advice that I really relate to.  In ceramics I have felt frustrated lately because I don’t really have an outlet for my abilities as an artist (ha, phrasing it like that sounds really pretentious.  Really I mean that I love to draw, and sometimes I’m pretty good at it).  Ceramics is a lot about design, function, form, etc. and I’ve been feeling insecure about  about my capabilities and dejected about my future.  I decided to try drawing my way out, which resulted in my final project.   I’ll post about that as soon as I have slides of my pieces.  Preview: I used majolica and drew imagery from Wisconsin Death Trip (both the book and the movie).

Mostly what I want to do is listen to Aaron Copland music and google image search pictures of Montana.  Wouldn’t you rather be here:

I would definitely rather be here. Lets go to Montana, everyone.