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Mornings are a really difficult time for me.

August 09, 2010 8:33:35

There have been quite a few people who have taken a picture of themselves every day of the year and put them together into a time lapse video.  Those are interesting to me, but frankly how I look during the day and how that changes over a year isn’t really that interesting to me.  What I am really interested in is how people look when they wake up.  A few years ago when I was in advanced painting and drawing I did a book project where I drew pictures of my friends waking up in the morning.  The assignment was to use some kind of system (maps, playing cards, something like that) and do a project based on that.  I chose tally marks and drew images sort of emerging from a field of lines.

August 10, 2010 9:23:44

That project was really fun but it was difficult to get source material.  I had to ask my friends to take photos of themselves, and being busy college students, even if they really wanted to participate, it’s something that can pretty easily slip your mind.  So when I bought a new computer (shitty though it may be) one of the features I opted for was a built in camera.  Every morning (or as many mornings as I can) I take a photo of myself.   So far I have almost 150, starting in August 2010 to the present (some days I miss, other days when I look really funny I take more than one photo).  The photos are time and date stamped, so I can also track what time I got up (or at least what time I took the photo) throughout the year.

I am posting these drawings as I do them to my tumblr.  To see all the drawings in this series posted so far, you can go to

I submitted a print to the upcoming Bodies publication from the GSC (my current place of employ).  It is an intaglio  print (an engraving specifically) I did in intro printmaking two spring terms ago.  It was part of a book called “These Things Are Formative”, portraits of bodies with text about an experience that influenced their life/body.  I did a self portrait about me + narcolepsy which I have retitled for Bodies “I used to be a morning person and now I have narcolepsy”.  It’s loosly based on a photo that a friend took of me when I had accidentally fallen asleep while sitting in a chair in the KRLX record library.

I used to be a morning person and now I have narcolepsy, intaglio print, 2008

Bodies comes out soon.  Check out the publications section of the GSC website to read our previous publications, When I Knew and Drag.