If you wander the downstairs hall in Boliou, you will probably see Emogene Schilling’s clouds.

They were made for an assignment in our handbuilding class where we were to use a Chinese underglaze decal as part of a piece.  The decal Emogene chose was a cloud motif, which she put on many different ceramic clouds made from low fire white clay and glazed with a clear glaze to cone 05. She made approximately 12 clouds, six of which are hanging in Boliou, fired in two different batches.  The first batch came out really clearly, but the clouds in the second batch ran a little.  When Jhanna and I unloaded that kiln, we could not for the life of us figure out what was different in the second firing than the first.  Regardless, Emogene used this little mystery to her advantage, combining both kinds of clouds in her piece.  I think the contrast of the cloud decal-drawings with the runny decals that look more like real clouds on top of these hovering clay-clouds is really fun and quite successful.  Even though the runny decals would often be considered a mistake, she embraced this temperamental aspect of ceramics and I think the piece is more successful piece than it otherwise would have been.  I am excited to work with her in advanced ceramics this term, but she missed class today because she’s already in Philadelphia just waiting for NCECA!