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Having nothing to do during senior week, I was poking around on the Foot in the Door 4 website (and by “poking around” I mean “looking for my piece“).  Foot in the door is an exhibit held every 10 years at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts that is part of the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program.  Anyone in the state of Minnesota can submit a piece so long as it fits in a 10 in. x 10 in. x 10 in. cube and this year they got over 4800 submissions.  They get tons of art from children, professions, students, and every kind of person doing visual art in the state (including a video category they added this year).  The work is displayed salon style in the MIA for a couple of months, which is a really awesome opportunity.  I really love this exhibition and they have a lot of really fun photos on their flickr of events over the course of the show.  They also have images of TONS of the work documented on the website, and it is really fun to click “random” and discover an interesting/stupid/beautiful/ thoughtful/comical/etc. piece of art.

For more info, visit the website: