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I read about the Smithsonian Folkways radio station just yesterday, and ever since I have been obsessed.  I’ve been a fan of the SF imprint since my Irish fiddling days, and since listening to the radio station I have added so many things to my List Of Things To Buy Once I Get My First Paycheck.

The station plays music spanning tons of genres: songs and ballads from the British Isles, calypso (my new favorite), American folk music, gospel, and native music from the Americas, Asia (including some great throat singing!), and Africa.  The music is instrumental, vocal, a capella, bands, field recordings, percussion, etc.  It covers so much ground!  This isn’t exactly surprising as Smithsonian Folkways recordings have been popular among ethnomusicologists for ages.

My favorite new discovery is Lord Invader, whose song “Crisis in Alabama” is really a treat:

Once more with feeling: the Smithsonian Folkways radio station –!



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