During winter term 2010 I took a class called multicultural education.  One of the first assignments for that class was to write an autobiography.  Most people wrote theirs within this “I am from…” template, but I am not a great writer so any kind of paragraph or full sentence attempt at an autobiography was totally unappealing to me.  I love lists, and I think lists can say just as much about me (maybe more) than prose.  I typed this list (of things I like) beneath an intaglio print I did in the south pacific.   The print is a self portrait that was part of a series of similarly composed portraits.  This image is a photocopy of the autobiography, so it is particularly dark and murky-ish in a way the original print wasn’t.  I think the end result was appropriate to the assignment.


It says,

Things I like:

Leopard print, typewriters, printmaking, books (not reading), analog technologies, my grandmothers (both deceased), handkerchiefs, peas, broccoli, ginger ale, trains, things that cooperate, working/making $$, industrial cities (like Milwaukee), television, optical illusions, gift-wrapping, embossment, sleeping, bringing up disability issues constantly, gospel music, country music, cracking my knuckles, texting, conspiracy theories, miniatures, letter-writing campaigns, marginalia, coming in from the cold, stretching, appositives, bringing up disability issues constantly, prescription drug coverage, Aaliyah, creatures of habit, idioms, AM radio, tattoos, courier new, the aging process, symmetry, asymmetry, Ayyam-i-ha, sass, and clean sheets.