I don’t think I’ve written about the 2010 senior art show, DIMENSIONAL VISION, yet.  The experience of hanging the show and getting all of my work ready for presentation was exhausting, but entirely worth it.  As part of my presentation I made a small zine to go with the ceramic work.  It was my little way of combining the things I love most (books and ceramics) into one adorable little package.

I uploaded said adorable little package, and you can view the online book (link below).  I have also uploaded many images of my comps project to the Gallery section of this site!  It’s the most brand-spankin-new part of this site and I’m pretty jazzed about its potential.

Since the website for DIMENSIONAL VISION is hosted by Carleton, it will be up until the end of time.  If you want to see images of my project later or see the work of my peers, you can just mosey on over there any time you please.

View the zine here:
Sexual Dimorphism (Online Book)