This is only my second post about paper.  I plan to post mostly about printmaking, drawing, and so such the like, but instead I am going to post about Manuel Munoz.  He is an author of two collections of short stories (Zigzagger and The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue) and he recently spoke at Carleton for our Pride month.  He writes about the intersecting experiences of LGBT communities and latino communities.

I love short stories so much.  There is something about a good short story that cuts right through me.  I love reading them, but even more I love hearing author’s read their work.  Last summer I listened to a podcast where Miranda July read an excerpt from “Mon Plaisir” (part of her book No One Belongs Here More Than You).  I did some scouting and I think the podcast is part of the iTunes Meet the Author series.  The story is so beautiful, but hearing the author read, hearing her say the words like she hears them when she wrote them, it makes the experience magical.  And that was even listening to a podcast.  When Munoz read part of his story (he didn’t want to read all of it, for fear that we’d get bored), I cried.  It was so beautiful and moving.  His stories have such earnest portrayals of characters, especially ones that are split between the LGBT community and the latino community.  When he was trying to get his first book published, he had a lot of trouble because publishers couldn’t put it into one category or another.  Gay publishers weren’t sure if it would sell, latino publishers weren’t sure if it would sell, despite the fact that many of his stories had been published individually in big name periodicals.  When he spoke to us he talked about the period where he wanted to give up, but thank god he didn’t because he is so talented and his work is remarkable.  I highly recommend picking up Zigzagger of the Faith Healer of Olive Avenue.