I submitted a print to the upcoming Bodies publication from the GSC (my current place of employ).  It is an intaglio  print (an engraving specifically) I did in intro printmaking two spring terms ago.  It was part of a book called “These Things Are Formative”, portraits of bodies with text about an experience that influenced their life/body.  I did a self portrait about me + narcolepsy which I have retitled for Bodies “I used to be a morning person and now I have narcolepsy”.  It’s loosly based on a photo that a friend took of me when I had accidentally fallen asleep while sitting in a chair in the KRLX record library.

I used to be a morning person and now I have narcolepsy, intaglio print, 2008

Bodies comes out soon.  Check out the publications section of the GSC website to read our previous publications, When I Knew and Drag.