Truffle basket, 8 in. (20 cm) in height, earthenware, fired to cone 04 in an electric kiln. Photo from Ceramic Arts Daily.

I really like the work of Lisa Buck.  I first saw her work on the poster for the St. Croix Valley pottery tour, and then read this article about her on Ceramic Arts Daily.  She lives in Afton, MN, and even though I am not from Minnesota originally, I really enjoy looking at the work of potters from the area.

What initially caught my eye were the juicy little feet on this piece!  I love interesting feet, and her work does not disappoint.  Many of her pieces have expressive little feet that beautifully finish off the bottom.    Many of Buck’s pieces have a beautiful gesture to them, and that expressiveness is perfectly finished in the feet.  I also love that the feet are heavier than lots of other feet I’ve seen.  There’s substance to them; they have a little meat on their bones.  I also have a soft spot for any potter working in earthenware.  I gush over the wonders of low fire clays all day in the studio that I think some of my classmates have tried throwing with it just to shut me up for a while.  Little do they know that tactics like that will never work!  I’m from a family of talkers, and I’m not about to stay quiet about my love affair with earthenware any time soon.