This morning I attended a really awesome demonstration by Richard Shaw about silkscreening decals.  Jhanna and I tried to do a little of this last term during the decal assignment (for which Emogene did her clouds that I posted about) but it was only moderately successful.  The most successful was screening directly onto clay, and we never really got the decal part of that off the ground.    Well Richard Shaw (who was so amazing and totally hilarious) gave us some great ideas including printing on newsprint.  The decals we used for the project were on rice paper from China, so we tried using different kinds of thinner papers (iwaki, tissue paper, etc.) but none really worked.   I can’t believe we never thought of newsprint.  Shaw also coated decal paper in gum arabic and then silk screened onto it so that the underglaze would release off the paper!  That is so clever.  I think that was for overglaze decals and requires a thicker kind of paper, but still a great idea.  I am so excited that we will get to try these new techniques when we get back.

The demonstration was also super funny (I thought) because he had to explain a lot about printmaking to the ceramics people.  Suckers!

I should mention that this was a simultaneous demonstration with Kari Radasch, who did some incredible things with hand building and I am so excited to bring those back to the studio.  I really liked her because she just looked totally rad.  Like someone I would be friends with/what my friends will probably look like in 5-10 years.  She was awesome, funny, and real talented.

Jhanna and Alexandra with one of Richard Shaw's silk screened decals on newsprint