I read Ceramic Arts Daily daily, and was recently intrigued by this post about making stamps of natural things using plaster molds.  Jhanna and I made a bunch of plaster molds for slip casting last term (and I only used one of my molds, she didn’t use any of hers) so I thought hey plaster’s not so bad and this method allows you to get way more detail than just pressing clay onto an object.  Cool!

So I tried it:

The making the little pinch pots part went very well, but the post-plaster part was not great.  I think part of that was because my selection of green (or once-green) things from outside was not great.  The only one that really turned out (but holy moly did it ever turn out cool) is the feather.  I think once things start to bloom I’ll try more flowers and green things, but I also want to try lace and doilies.  Mostly I just need things to do while clay firms up.  I spend so many hours in Boliou and I just need a break sometimes!!!  ALSO I am always 100% hesitant to bring plaster molds into the ceramics studio, because as you probably know PLASTER IS THE ENEMY OF CLAY.