The ceramics studio in Boliou was recently cleaned (and extremely well.  even Kelly commented that she had never seen it that clean) and the blackboard with the brainstorming for the throwlympics was erased.  So I thought I would update this goofy little blog with a list of potential throwlympics events.

  • Doubles throwing
  • Tallest cylinder
  • Blind throwing?  This is a new addition after I saw this video:
  • Relay race (carrying bags of clay down the hall, centering, some other task to be determined)
  • Largest hand-built vessel
  • Most bowls thrown in X minutes (perhaps a long and short program)
  • Some slab building event?  Maybe build a cube.

There would be electric wheel events and kick wheel events, and while most events will be stoneware I think we’re even going to have some porcelain events too.  I’ll update this post as I think of more events.  As of right now we don’t have a date for the throwlympics, but I have a feeling it will happen over a week or so and it is entirely possible (nay, probable) that many of the bowls will go towards the Carleton Empty Bowls event which is coming up.

You better practice your throwing because competition is going to be fierce.